Integrating Patients and Families in Interprofessional Practice and Education and the IPCLE

At Nexus Summit 2019, the theme of Patients and Families is woven throughout presentations and networking experiences. Building upon their investment in Nexus Summit 2018, members of the Nexus Summit Patient and Family Panel who have experience teaching and advising health systems will join in all conference activities this year at Nexus Summit 2019.

The Patient and Family Panel members will attend workshops, listen to Lightning Talks, talk to poster presenters and serve as judges in the Clinical Learning Environment Innovation Challenge. They will offer insights and wisdom about what it looks and feels like to them when they are full members of interprofessional health care teams – and when they are not. The Patient and Family Curated Art Event, one of the most talked about programs at Nexus 2018, will be back again with amazing paintings, prints, and stories depicting the patient experience through their eyes. New this year, the show’s curators will give a gallery tour and artists talk.

This year, we’ve added new ways for conference participants to learn with patients and families, co-create learning together, and to practice ways to engage together in interprofessional practice and education. 

We’re very excited about Patient Story-Telling night. Ted Meyer will be back with us to serve as master of ceremonies for Story Night. As Ted shares, we all have our own stories about when health care worked or didn’t work for us as patients, family and community members and as members of health care teams. We think this session will be very special.  We hope you’ll take Ted up on his invitation below.


Nexus Summit Patient and Family Panel:


Nexus Art Gallery

  - Nicollet Promenade

Nine years ago Ted Meyer started curating art shows by patient/artists. His belief that art can tell you more about a patient’s life and mood than a few isolated symptoms has led him to the role of patient advocate, and to the positions of artist in Residence at UCLA, and now USC’s Keck School of Medicine.

For Nexus Summit 2019, Ted brings a selection of artwork by some of his favorite patient/artists to our pop-up gallery in the conference space at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. Artwork will be available for viewing during the entire Summit.

Come and experience the beauty that can spring from pain, trauma or just life in general.

Ted and fellow patient panel member Shelley Cohen Konrad will be giving a gallery tour and discussing the power of patient art, writing and narratives as a way to explain the patient experience. Check the Schedule for further details.


Patient/Family Experience Nexus Story Night

 - Monday, August 19, 6-8 pm

Join us for a special night. Tell us your story at the first (annual) Nexus Story Night.

Everyone has a story to tell. Each Nexus Summit attendee has a memorable experience about how our lives are interacting with the health care world. Some stories give great insight into our passion for team-based care and our commitment to improve outcomes for patients.  Other stories fuel our drive to understand the times that all that teamwork just didn’t work out as intended.

The Theme of the Night:

“When did team based healthcare work well for you,
or when did it all go to hell?”

Join us for an evening of community-building as you and your colleagues share and listen to personal stories about when team based healthcare worked for you, or when it all went to hell.  The setting will be a small stage venue with a single microphone.

Light snacks will be provided and a cash bar will be available.


Storytelling Guidelines:

Our goal is to share as many stories as we can in the time we have (1.5 hours). Each storyteller will have 6 minutes to tell their story. It’s important to plan your story out ahead of time so you can share your experiences.

Stories don’t need to be memorized, but you should have a general idea about what story you want to tell and the key ideas. It is okay to bring notes, but try not to just read your story. We think you’ll do better just telling your story as if you are talking to a few of your close friends, in a hotel ballroom, as we all tend to do.

We want to hear about your experiences, so be brave and grab a mic. We look forward to hearing your stories both funny, positive, and heartwarming, and those that might be a little more difficult. All of these stories help us navigate our human experience.


Sign up to be a story teller:

Because we have limited time, we are asking storytellers to sign up in advance. If there is space, we will accept additional story tellers at the Registration Desk until 4:00 p.m. on Monday, August 19. If time permits we can also accept walk-ons the evening of the event.

Check back often for additional updates as the date approaches.

Sign up to be a story teller

A special thank you to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Grant # 75921) for their generous support of the National Center and its commitment to integrating the Patient, Family and Community dialogue during Nexus Summit 2019.