Brenda Wilson, MS
University of North Texas Health Sciences Center INCEDO
Brenda Wilson, MS brings over two decades of experience in medical faculty development to the INCEDO team at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. She uses her strong educational design, program development, and project management skills to develop, accredit, promote and implement continuing education programs across the health professions' spectrum. Brenda is an active member of the International Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, having served as chair for the Faculty Development Collaborative and a peer-reviewed presenter at conferences. She holds a Master's of Science in Learning Technologies and an undergraduate degree in Organizational Management.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
This Lightning Talk will share our experience over the last two years working with UNT-Health Clinical Practice group to transform their practice to an interprofessional patient-centered care model. The goal is to create an optimal practice environment or provide superior patient care and be a learning lab for future health professionals. Our campus graduates physicians (DO & MD), physical therapists, physician assistants, pharmacists, public health professionals, and biomedical researchers. By using monthly online training modules to build a common language across the different health…