Lightning Talk

Linking the Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Core Competencies with the Jefferson Teamwork Observation Guide®

Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Greenway D Room
Theme: Quality Interprofessional Education and Accreditation

Per the recently released guidance on quality IPE, learners should be assessed “on their development and mastery of interprofessional collaborative practice [CP] competencies,” including demonstration of CP skills in training and practice as observed by instructors. The Jefferson Teamwork Observation Guide(R) (JTOG(R)) is a real-time, 360-degree competency-based assessment evaluating collaboration by teams and individuals in both educational and practice settings. Data are collected via four versions of the tool that correspond to the perspectives of patients, caregivers, team members and observers.

Analyses of large-scale pilot data collected from 2015-2018 identified the need for a linkage exercise to further explore the JTOG(R)’s content validity relative to the interprofessional CP core competencies. Fifteen study participants evaluated each JTOG(R) item by noting the degree to which the behaviors described aligned with the competencies. Each item demonstrated at least one primary and/or secondary linkage and, consistent with the overlapping IPEC competency definitions, items were typically linked to multiple competencies. Ultimately, this study confirmed the JTOG(R)’s content validity, a critical step in establishing a scientifically sound assessment, and one that lends credibility to the tool’s capacity to assess IPE competency attainment.

For educators, the JTOG(R) helps learners recognize and emulate the characteristics of high-functioning teams and provides formative feedback allowing them to reflect and improve on their behavior. It also offers qualitative and comparative performance data, as recommended by the quality IPE guide. Furthermore, the mobile application tool can longitudinally track student progress and participation in IPE programming, assisting with meeting growing IPE accreditation requirements. For practitioners, a validated tool for formative workplace-based assessment will help develop and refine CP behaviors, aiding in addressing residency and workplace requirements. More importantly, the JTOG(R) can help establish national benchmarks for evaluating teamwork behaviors, generating standards for interprofessional CP that link to, and can ultimately improve, patient outcomes.