Professional Poster

Interprofessional Faculty Development--Giving Faculty What They Need to Succeed

Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 9:45 am - 11:15 am
Northstar Ballroom
Theme: Optimizing the Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environment

Creighton University’s Center for Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research (CIPER), sponsors an annual two-day faculty development experience known as SITES (Supporting Interprofessional Teaching Excellence and Scholarship). Using the IPEC core competencies as a framework, the goal of SITES is to increase the number of faculty who are committed to IPE (Interprofessional Education) and IPCP (Interprofessional Collaborative Practice). Past participants include faculty and staff from dentistry, emergency medical services (EMS), medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, and physical therapy. Although the SITES program was initially successful at providing introductory-level information and assistance to faculty creating IPE learning experiences, program organizers began to question if the program was meeting the needs of faculty and staff. The purpose of this presentation is to describe the process we used to assess IPE faculty development needs on our campus, re-design SITES, and evaluate the program.

A campus-wide needs assessment was administered to faculty during the fall of 2018. Results informed the re-design of the SITES program for summer, 2019. SITES participant knowledge and perceived ability to implement the IPEC core competencies (1) will be assessed before and after the 2019 program.

Results of the needs assessment identified that faculty desired information on interprofessional education in the clinical environment, leadership in interprofessional teams, and more time and effort around scholarship. Results of the pre and post assessment will be presented (to be collected June 2019).

Faculty Development needs are evolving, as IPE initiatives are implemented and embraced in academic and clinical settings. It is essential to continuously assess and improve programming to meet these changing needs.

1. Interprofessional Education Collaborative. (2016). Core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice: 2016 update. Washington, DC: Interprofessional Education Collaborative