Lightning Talk

Establishing an Educational Steering Committee

Monday, August 19, 2019, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Greenway J Room
Theme: Aligning Education and Practice for Workforce Transformation and Health System Change

There are multiple operational areas that develop and deploy education and training at Nebraska Medicine for the purposes of dissemination to multiple audiences. With the knowledge that “everyone in a clinical learning environment is a learner” and that “reliable communications are a hallmark of a high-functioning interprofessional clinical learning environment” (NCICLE 2017 Envisioning the Optimal Clinical Learning Environment), an Education Steering Committee (ESC) with Director-level organizational leaders from Nebraska Medicine and UNMC was established. ESC’s charge is to increase awareness with regards to active and planned educational initiatives throughout the enterprise, facilitate alignment and sharing of educational resources, optimize sequencing, timing, and deployment of educational initiatives intended for larger audiences to avoid overload and redundancy on learners or system education developers, and to provide input and guidance to Nebraska Medicine senior leadership regarding system-wide educational initiatives.

This session will describe the standardized processes have been developed for the intake, dissemination, and optimization of educational offerings. The initial work identifying and developing best practices for how education can be efficiently and effectively deployed to intended audiences will be reviewed. Lastly, the initial work to develop assessments of individual learners will also be described in accordance with the NCICLE 2017 Envisioning the Optimal Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environment document which states, “Experiential learning with measurable outcomes and clear competencies that inform desired behaviors [is]as a way to ensure that interprofessionalism is instilled in learners."=