Spencer Waters
University of Minnesota
Spencer is a Master of Healthcare Administration student at the Univeristy of Minnesota. Spencer serves as Co-chair on a student organization called CLARION which aims to improve interprofessional teamwork skills for students working in the healthcare industry. Spencer previously worked as a pharmacy technician for the Kroger company and recently completed an internship with CVS Health wherein he designed products which would improve rural community access to pharmaceutical services.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
CLARION (CLinician Administrator Relationship Improvement OrganizatioN ) is a student-led, faculty-advised organization within the Center for Health Interprofessional Programs at the University of Minnesota. It aims to improve interprofessional student collaboration, one way being through interprofessional case competitions that focus on current health issues. In the case competitions, the Debrief Sessions have a unique design and play a significant role in relationship-building and future improvement.These sessions are student-led reflections immediately after each team presentation. CLARION…