Sandro Pinheiro de Oliveira, PhD, MA, MRE
Duke University
Sandro Pinheiro, PhD, has been working in medical education for over 24 years, directing faculty development activities for clinical and basic science faculty, designing medical education curricula, and mentoring faculty and fellows as clinician educators. His educational competencies are in the areas of adult learning, curriculum design, instruction, evaluation and qualitative inquiry.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
Background: Clinical environments require providers to work within interprofessional teams to provide and improve clinical care. Future health care providers need to understand interprofessional (IPE) teamwork and quality improvement (QI), which are requirements of accreditation [1,2]. Clinical preceptors help students to implement clinically what they have learned in the classroom [3]. Preceptors utilize knowledge and educational strategies [4] in IPE [5] and QI [6] to guide their students’ clinical experiences. To address the need, the faculty aimed to: 1.) create and deliver a formal…