Ryan Cook, MBA
Helix Scribe Solutions
Ryan Cook, Executive Director of Helix Scribe Solutions, has been with the company since inception. He led the initiative to construct the GVSU Scribe Academy and designed the infrastructure for Helix to operate in Spectrum Health Emergency Departments. Since its launch in 2015, Ryan has continually looked for ways to make providers more efficient. Under his leadership, Helix has expanded its service to over 20 locations throughout Michigan in both emergency departments and specialty locations. Ryan completed his graduate work with an MBA in Finance from Indiana University and a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration from Hope College.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
Background: Medical scribe is an emerging health profession resulting from the increasing complexity of electronic medical records and demand on providers. Created in 2015, the GVSU Scribe Academy, a partnership with Grand Valley State University and Helix Scribe Solutions in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was designed to integrate a scribe workforce into interprofessional teams at local emergency departments. The Academy curriculum is 80 hours including theory and clinical training. Methodology: The Academy screens for motivated students on a health care career path who can demonstrate proficient…