Natalie May, PhD
University of Virginia School of Medicine
Dr. Natalie May is Associate Professor of Research at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. She has been an investigator on multiple studies about the experiences of health care providers including the Wisdom in Medicine Study, a Templeton Foundation-funded study of physicians' responses to medical error. Recently, she served as project director for the Phronesis Project, a medical student curriculum designed to foster practical wisdom in young physicians. She is the Lead Author of Appreciative Inquiry in Healthcare and Co-Author of Choosing Wisdom: Strategies and Inspiration for Growing through Life-Changing Difficulties.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
The environments in which we work influence our experience and professional satisfaction. In the Josiah Macy Foundation’s recent report on improving clinical learning environments for students in healthcare professions (Irby, 2018), the authors concluded that the learning environment is influenced not only by the physical space but also by personal, social, and organizational components. In addition to the faculty-student interaction, the social component includes peer-to-peer relationships and the formation of a community of caregivers. The daily interactions between clinical instructors…