Mingyi Zhang, BS
University of Minnesota
Mingyi Zhang is a senior Medical Laboratory Sciences student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She is the Co-Chair of CLARION, where she coordinates interprofessional relationship-developing events, including Interprofessional Dinner, Friday Night at the ER, and annual Local and National Case Competitions that focus on real-world health issues. Before starting her journey in CLARION, she has long been interested in interprofessional learning in healthcare, as well as patient care quality improvement. She is a volunteer practitioner at the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, where she works closely with students from other health professions to solve problems, provide care, and learn about current healthcare dilemmas. She is inspired by the mass difference among health professions. She is enthusiastic about building a platform for future practitioners to communicate, collaborate, and apply their knowledge for problem-solving. In her spare time, Mingyi enjoys reading, calligraphy, and yoga. Please email zhan5139@umn.edu to contact Mingyi.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
CLARION (CLinician Administrator Relationship Improvement OrganizatioN ) is a student-led, faculty-advised organization within the Center for Health Interprofessional Programs at the University of Minnesota. It aims to improve interprofessional student collaboration, one way being through interprofessional case competitions that focus on current health issues. In the case competitions, the Debrief Sessions have a unique design and play a significant role in relationship-building and future improvement.These sessions are student-led reflections immediately after each team presentation. CLARION…