Mark Graber, MD FACP
Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine
Dr Graber is a national leader in the field of patient safety. He originated Patient Safety Awareness Week in 2002, an event now recognized internationally. He is a pioneer in efforts to address diagnostic errors in medicine. In 2008 he originated the Diagnostic Error in Medicine conference series; in 2011 he founded the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (, and the new journal, DIAGNOSIS, devoted to improving the quality and safety of diagnosis, and reducing diagnostic error. In 2014 he received the John M Eisenberg Award, the nation’s top honor in patient safety and quality.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
Workshop Description: In efforts to address the problem of diagnostic error, the education of healthcare professionals is being re-envisioned. The landmark report from the National Academy of Medicine on Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare made two major suggestions: Improve education around diagnosis, and improve teamwork in the diagnostic process. In a project supported by the Macy Foundation, we have recently identified a set of 12 competencies that tie these two recommendations together, and if acquired, would promote diagnostic quality and safety. Six of these relate to individual…