Kristy Carlson, PhD
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Kristy J. Carlson is currently Research Faculty for the Hospital Medicine Division in the College of Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Ms. Carlson has a PhD in Human Sciences and a background in higher education, marketing, and information technology. She assists faculty, residents, and students with research studies regarding graduate medical education, faculty development, social determinants of health, patient experience, and quality improvement. In addition, Ms. Carlson recently led an effort to design and implement a comprehensive learning environment survey for the academic medical center and partnering health care system.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
The Clinical Learning Environment (CLE) is critically important to the professional growth and development of learners from all health professions. While often thought about in isolation from the perspective of a singular profession, the reality is that the CLE is fluid and dynamic--changing with the varied interactions and responsibilities of the interprofessional team. Due to the direct and unique contribution of interprofessional care teams to the CLE, accurate measurement of the CLE will be critical to ensuring an optimal environment for learning and professional growth. Despite the…