Katherine McDaniel, PhD, MSW
Duke University School of Medicine
Kate McDaniel is an Assistant Professor and the GME Educator in charge of Faculty Development at Duke University Hospital and Health System. She holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration and a Masters in Social Work. Prior to joining Duke, Dr. McDaniel spent five years as the GME Education Specialist at St. Louis University. Dr. McDaniel partners with program directors and core faculty to promote quality teaching, learning, and evaluation across programs. She serves on the Duke Academy for Health Professions Education and Academic Development Steering Committee and is co-chair of the Graduate Medical Education Committee’s Professional Development Subcommittee.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
Background: The Duke Academy for Health Professions Education and Academic Development (AHEAD) was established in 2014, with the three-fold mission of faculty development (FD), recognition and promotion (R&P) and research and innovation (R&I). To date, there has been no formal evaluation of how and to what degree Duke AHEAD is achieving its mission. Logic models have been shown to be a useful tool in program evaluation, especially for non-profit and complex enterprises, such as educators academies. This study describes the novel utilization of a logic model as an overarching framework…