Karen C. Ellinwood, PhD, JD, EdS, BSW
University of Arizona College of Medicine Tucson
As Director of Faculty Instructional Development, Dr. Spear-Ellinwood creates programs for educator development of faculty, fellows and residents at the University of Arizona College of Medicine Curricular Affairs (CA). She develops and implements curriculum for programs, recruits faculty and education professionals with relevant expertise to assist in college-based and interprofessional education activities.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
Workshop Description: We will describe two examples of events (disabilities event and patient safety event) focused on patient-centered, interprofessional healthcare and shared decision-making that seek to broaden learner perspectives on disabilities and patient safety. Both events incorporate patients/families and community members in interprofessional activities. Presenters will discuss pre-event surveys and post-event feedback concerning how community inclusion led to engaging and successful learning experiences, including enhanced respect and value for shared decision-making. In the…