Ghaidaa Najjar, PharmD, PhD
University of Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education
Dr. Ghaidaa Najjar is a PharmD who has been a pharmacist in the community setting for 20 years. She earned a PhD in Higher Education Administration with interest in health sciences education. Her dissertation focused on the Interprofessional Education Initiative at University of Michigan with the title “Faculty and Administrators’ Perceptions about IPE Effective Implementation and Sustainability: A Qualitative Case Study”. Currently, Dr. Najjar is a post- Doctoral research fellow at University of Michigan/ Center of Interprofessional Education. She is an active member of the “IPE Foundational Experience” workgroup in addition to her scholarly involvements in IPE- related assessment process.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
The presentation will provide the findings of a faulty development program assessment that took place at the University of Michigan as part of providing effective and sustainable IPE implementation across health sciences disciplines. According to research, interprofessional education is the precursor that should prepare health sciences professional program graduates for collaborative practice. The first step that is needed to accomplish this goal is to properly prepare educators to "have the knowledge and skills required to train health professions students for Interprofessional collaborative…