Elizabeth Vander Veen, MDes, MS CCC-SLP
University of Michigan
Elizabeth Vander Veen (MDes, MS CCC-SLP) is an integrative designer who designs and builds the connective tissue for ambitious, collaborative projects from their beginnings in abstract problem spaces to later co-created concrete realities. She practices a flexible problem-solving approach informed by a background in speech-language pathology, a field that couples data with intuition to address the dynamic needs of the complex humans at its center.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
Re-admissions continue to plague our healthcare systems, and confusing discharge processes can be a factor in unintentional errors and increased ED/hospital utilization. To address these issues, I-MPACT, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan collaborative quality initiative, assembles hospitals and physician organizations to work as local “clusters” with patient participants to develop viable interventions. To aid in forming these new cross-institutional and interdisciplinary teams for quality improvement, I-MPACT provides experiential education through an interactive board game called "Get Me…