Danial Gebreili, n/a
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Danial is a second-year medical student with a passion for leadership and education in healthcare. He previously served as class president and is currently serving as SGA Council Diversity Chair, IEPA Student-Faculty Advisory founding member, and student-led Unity Clinic founder/chair. Through his leadership roles, Danial has led various initiatives centered around diversity and inclusion that incorporate interdisciplinary principles. As a first-generation American, Danial recognizes the importance of communication and understanding between different populations of people. He believes healthcare has the unique power to transcend our differences and bring people together.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
Our campus community, similar to others, is challenged with providing ample voice to the rich diversity represented among our faculty, staff, and students. Unity in Medicine is a student-led program that showcases the diversity represented among students at our comprehensive academic health center. This event enhances diversity and interdisciplinary education by showcasing students with different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. In order to better demonstrate the rich diversity that is present in the healthcare system, the students discussing these topics are representatives of seven…