Barret Michalec, PhD
University of Delaware

About Me

I explore the socialization and professionalization processes within health professions education, and often utilize organizational and social-psychological concepts and theories to examine micro and meso phenomena in the education and practice settings of health (pre)professionals.  I lead courses in empathy, medical sociology, qualitiative methods, and mental health & well-being.  Our efforts with the Center for Interprofessional Development, Education, & Research (CIDER) are focused on cultivating the fundamental traits, behaviors, and attributes essential for developing (and sustaining) interprofessionalism in the healthcare workforce of the future.

Expertise and Interests

Assessment & Evaluation

Additional IPECP interests

Group Identity; Empathy; Program Design

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
Taught by Dr. Barret Michalec, an active qualitative researcher and Associate Dean of Interprofessional Education.  Dr. Michalec has taught various courses in qualitative methods, and led numerous seminar-style, intensive programs on qualitative methods for IPE/IPC evaluation and assessment specifically tailored for clinician-researchers. He has also lead numerous clinician-based scholarly teams in developing and administering qualitative-based evaluation and assessment protocols, as well as the “writing up” of the analysis and interpretation of the data gleaned from those protocols.…