Angela Gerolamo, PhD, APRN, BC
Thomas Jefferson University; Thomas Jefferson Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education
oAngela Gerolamo is Associate Professor of Nursing at the Jefferson College Nursing and faculty in the Jefferson Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education at Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. Gerolamo serves as Chair of the Center’s Research and Evaluation Committee in which she oversees the evaluation of its core interprofessional education programs and contributes to the design and implementation of the Center’s comprehensive evaluation plan. She also co-leads the qualitative evaluation of the Student Hotspotting Program.
Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
Workshop Description: Rigorous evaluations of interprofessional education (IPE) initiatives across the learning continuum are needed. The recently published Guidance on Developing Quality Interprofessional Education for the Health Professions endorses the requirement for a “coordinated strategy for assessing learners on their development and mastery of interprofessional collaborative competencies”. It also notes that it is “critical to monitor and evaluate the process of IPE plan implementation”. However, consistent models or strategies for assessing the collective impact of IPE programs…