Resource Exchange Station

Strategies for Expanding Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environments within the Midwest Interprofessional Education and Research Center

Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 9:45 am - 11:15 am
Northstar Ballroom

Project Overview:

The Midwest Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research Center (MIPERC) is a regional inter-institutional infrastructure created to infuse interprofessional education and collaborative practice across disciplines, learning institutions, and clinical settings to provide safe, quality care to individuals, their families, and communities. As part of the infrastructure, a model was developed to guide the Initiative emphasizing the World Health Organization’s [WHO] (2010), definition of interprofessional education and collaborative practice, the core competencies of the Institute of Medicine [IOM] (2003), and the competency domains of the Interprofessional Education Collaborative [IPEC] (2011, 2016).

Resources and Outcomes: the following MIPERC products will be discussed with brochures and handouts available:

• Published literature from MIPERC projects on demonstrated interprofessional clinical learning environments and interventions

• Strategies for increasing interprofessional and longitudinal student placements through MIPERC Workgroups and advocacy tools

• IPE Student Certificate �" a program designed to provide health students opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of theory, practice and scholarship around the interprofessional competencies.

• Promoting Interprofessional Education for Students (PIPES) �" a MIPERC facilitated student led organization designed to cater immersive interprofessional experiences for the student desiring learning and practice opportunities

• Interprofessional Simulation Design Competition- a creative competition where students and healthcare professionals are challenged to practice teamwork and collaboration by designing and demonstrating their interprofessional practice skills in simulations

• Lunch & Learn series- open to the broader Grand Rapids health student and health profession community, welcomes local health professionals to share topics of interest on latest health trends and innovations to patient care. Sessions are held monthly during the academic year
• Annual MIPERC Conference �" a regional conference centered around promoting interprofessional competencies through education, practice and research for faculty, staff, health professional and students. Attendees will increase their networks and interprofessional knowledge by hearing from renowned keynote speakers, learning from peer reviewed interprofessional demonstration projects, and research posters.

Knowledge Application: Participants will take away key ideas on MIPERC’s strategies to engage the Midwest regional community to build interprofessional collaboration and clinical learning sites.

Funding: The annual MIPERC conference is supported by our sponsors.