Professional Poster

IPE Leadership Certificate Development at Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (CPHS)

Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 9:45 am - 11:15 am
Northstar Ballroom
Theme: Aligning Education and Practice for Workforce Transformation and Health System Change

The IPE Leadership Certification program presents students the opportunity to earn recognition for demonstrating commitment to interprofessional collaboration. Students who pursue certification consistently go above and beyond typical IPE requirements: they participate in developing new initiatives, take on leadership positions, and promote IPE principles to their communities. After graduation, these students will enter communities as leaders in their profession who will advance the movement of interprofessional collaborative practice, prepared for an ever-changing healthcare landscape that depends more and more on the collaboration of all members of the healthcare team and beyond.

The development of this program arose from students who are intimately involved in IPE. Students eligible for certification must complete and submit documentation for a minimum set of mandatory activities, as well as their choice of two or more additional activities. Examples of mandatory activities include: attending IPE events, planning IPE activities, meeting with IPE leadership, writing an essay, and serving in an IPE leadership position. Examples of additional activities include: attending two Campbell Interprofessional Case Studies (CICS), completing 25 IPE community service hours, presenting research at the IPE Research Symposium, and serving as a member of the SWIPE (Student leadership With IPE) Panel.

The program has been reviewed and approved by the SWIPE Panel, the Campbell University Office of Interprofessional Education (CUIPE), the IPE Steering Committee, and the CPHS Executive committee. Students will begin applying for the certificate program in spring 2019. Students who complete this program will receive transcript notation and/or a Dean’s letter (i.e., MSPE) in recognition of their achievement.

Students who complete this program will not only be recognized for their dedication to IPE through attainment of transcript notation and/or Dean’s letter, but will also be equipped to advocate for IPE as emerging leaders in healthcare. The program provides the CUIPE Office the opportunity to offer additional incentives for students to become involved with IPE.

Development of an IPE leadership certificate program requires guidance and input from all health science students. The importance of being recognized as a contributor to IPE is beneficial for all health care professionals.