Lightning Talk

Developing Interprofessional Faculty Development

Tuesday, August 20, 2019, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Greenway D Room
Theme: Quality Interprofessional Education and Accreditation

As accreditation standards have changed to require interprofessional experiences for health professions students in the classroom and in practice, faculty development and curriculum must evolve to embrace the newer standards. The purpose of this presentation is to disseminate a solutions-oriented, active process and to discuss progress in expanding IPE faculty development programming across a comprehensive academic health center. We will discuss the structure and mission of our campus-wide interprofessional organization and the related programming and purpose of our faculty development committee. The goal is to foster discussion regarding the challenges and opportunities of future programmatic expansion.

The project is of significance because it provides a mechanism by which comprehensive academic health centers, with large numbers of departments and campus personnel, can engage others in promotion of interprofessional programming. Faculty and staff at most academic institutions are often over-taxed with little time for additional volunteer or passion projects. Engagement of campus personnel must provide a model recognized by departments and the institution as a whole for promotion and tenure. This includes service, education, and research. The structure of this program meets each of these areas. In support of this initiative, the faculty development committee must offer a curricular plan to retain and support faculty for continued and successful involvement. We will briefly evaluate a faculty development curriculum plan.